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Villas for sale Marrakech

Marrakech is a beautiful and vibrant city. Known to be on the go all day and night, this North-Western Moroccan tourist destination welcomes you with its traditional Arabic style.

There are many luxury villas on offer here, so it can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for, but if that's the case, then Kensington Morocco is here to help.
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Some of our villas for sale in Marrakech

Marrakech has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a contemporary villa or a more traditional Moroccan Riad, the Ochre city will have an answer to all your aspirations.
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Why choose a villa for sale in Marrakech?

Life in Marrakech

Marrakech lies in the centre of Morocco and just to the North of the High Atlas Mountains, which are covered in snow for much of the year, making for idyllic views and walks alike. The mountain snow offers a slow release of water to the valley below, giving life to what would otherwise be a very dry city.

Renowned for its place jemaa El FnaMarrakech is a theatrical destination par excellence. Known as the "red city" for its earth-coloured walls, Marrakech asserts its African identity more than other Moroccan cities such as Casablanca or Rabat.
Marrakech Golf Course

Golf course and other activities

There are a number of golf courses in the area, including the Palmeraie Golf Resortsthe field Amelkis golf course and the Royal Golf.

There are also other adventure activities, including dune buggies and camel riding.

Areas of Marrakech

The Palmeraie

The Palmeraie is an oasis just northeast of Marrakech, which is famous for its large luxury villas and palaces as well as many beautiful hotels and guest houses. The Palmeraie offers easy access to Marrakech.

The story goes that 1000 years ago, the nomads travelling in their camel trains would stop there and eat dates and the palm trees grew.

The real estate in this neighbourhood is renowned for gorgeous living spaces and large mature gardens, typically with a heated swimming pool and often a luxurious spa.
Camels in Marrakech
The Ourika Valley Marrakech

The Ourika Valley Marrakech

Located between the city centre and the Atlas Mountains, just a few metres from the dreaded heat of the ochre city in summer, the Ourika valley is a rural commune where you will find villas for sale in Marrakech.

The area is more green and lush than the Palmeraie as it is closer to the mountains and is an area where you also find some magnificent villas for sale. Some are contemporary and modern; others are more in the traditional Moroccan style.

There are also the areas off the Route de Ouarzazate, where you will find The American School and off-road to Amizmiz - all great locations with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Here you will find luxury real estate for sale and rent.

The City Center

Marrakech is a city full of surprises. Downtown in the area of Gueliz and Hivernage - the modern parts of Marrakech you will find luxury townhouses and modern apartments for both sale and rent.

There are also numerous international stores and restaurants and traditional Marrakech markets and hammams. The price of the apartments can start from around 100,000 euros and increase from there.

The purchase of a flat can be done from the amount of 100,000 euros.

In the Medina of The Red City with the famous square Jemma El Fnaa there are many luxury riads in a variety of prices. Riads have a central courtyard, and all the rooms face inwards towards the courtyard and often a little swimming pool, roof terrace and a hammam (a Moroccan sauna).
Marrakech city centre

Investing in real estate in Marrakech

The city's proximity to a large number of European and African countries, its fantastic climate and incredible architecture mean that real estate prices in Marrakech are rising year on year.

About Morocco

Summer sun

Morocco is located in the most northern part of Africa and is less than 10 miles from Spain and Europe. It is therefore blessed with an almost perfect all-year-round climate. Daytime temperatures in high summer can reach above 40 degrees (but rarely), and it is a very ‘dry’ heat, so not unpleasant.

Winter fun

In the winter daytime, temperatures rarely fall below 20 degrees. Nights throughout the year are usually cool, making for a good night's sleep without air-conditioning. There are few other countries where you have a true all year round ‘season’ like Morocco.

Morocco lies on the northwest corner of Africa and hence benefits from the Mediterranean Sea on its north coast and 1000 miles of Atlantic beaches on the west.

A perfect place to live

Since the increase in low budget flights in the 90s, there has been a huge increase in the numbers of tourists coming to Morocco. Tourists come from all over the world, but the French and the British are the most prevalent.

People of all ages come – some to relax and have a hammam and spa, others to walk in the mountains, others to golf or to view the ancient medina and taste the smell of Africa.

There is something for everyone with exotic luxury homes, large parkland, tennis courts, and the Amelkis Golf resort.

A luxury property around every corner

There are lovely villas from the north to the south of Morocco, but particularly in Marrakech, there is a great deal of truly magnificent villas, usually with very large mature gardens, swimming pools and staff to look after your every need.

From one's villa, it is an easy drive into Marrakech to enjoy either lunch at La Mamounia or trawl the souks for local items like babouches, Kaftans, djellabas, carpets and a host of other things for friends and family, or one can disappear to the coast or mountains for a day trip and see so many different things during your stay.

About Kensington Morocco

Our real estate agency Kensington Morocco is located in the heart of Marrakech, opposite the famous Koutoubia Mosque and a stone's throw from the Jemma El Fnaa. We are committed to offering the highest quality services to people looking to buy, rent or holiday in Marrakech.

Multilingual services

We speak many languages to make it easy for our customers and have years of experience in selling luxury real estate in Marrakech and across Morocco.

Hundreds of villas for sale in Marrakech

With over 600 properties for sale across Morocco, 400 of which are in the Marrakech area, we are one of the leading real estate agencies in Morocco and are sure to a property type to match your needs - whether that be a pretty villa or more luxury real estate.
Number of languages spoken at the agency for an optimal assistance of our international & prestigious clientele.
Number of destinations covered by our agency in the Kingdom of Morocco. All top cities to invest in the country.
We have welcomed and interacted with 82 different nationalities in 2019 which makes us the most international and visible real estate agency in Morocco.
Number of properties managed by Kensington for sale and for rent, on and off market all over Morocco, offering a great range of choices.
Leaders in luxury real estate since 2009, we have some of the most prestigious villas in Africa in our portfolio.
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