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Looking for “villas luxe marrakech sale?” well you’ve come to the right place. Kensington Morocco is proud to be the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. As the Christie’s name stands for integrity, exceptional class and quality, and client satisfaction, we can promise you that you will be in great hands with us. luxury villa for sale marrakech

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Property name: Nordic Heritage of Purity in the Palmeraie
We specialise in luxury villas for sale in Marrakech as well as apartments. Whether you’re looking to invest in a holiday home or move your entire life to the sunny country of Morocco, we can find you the perfect place. Our selection includes modern and eclectic villas in the Palmeraie (also known as the Beverly Hills of Marrakech) to traditional, Moroccan style riads in the Medina. luxury villa for sale marrakech

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Property name: Wasat Riad
We will work with you thoroughly to find a villa that matches your needs and desires so even if you’re only in Marrakech for a short time in the year you will contemplate making the move permanent! Most of our villa properties are fully furnished and come with a range of amenities.

So, if you’re looking for villas luxe in Marrakech for sale, riads for sale or any kind of property for sale please do feel free to contact us by filling out any enquiry form on any property listing. You can also call us on our office line +212 5 24 42 22 29, or mobile line +212 6 61 55 09 05; we speak English, French and Arabic and would be delighted to meet you personally to find luxurious properties that meet your villas marrakech 

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