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If you’re a fan of Nordic simplicity and openness and orate detail of Moroccan traditional design, then you will fall in love with the architectural masterpiece we call “the Nordic Heritage of Purity in the Palmeraie.” The stunning 5.6 hectares property for sale in Marrakech was designed by Tupelo Architektur (Scandinavian) and Abdelkarim El Achak (Moroccan) and it is a unique fusion of their respective talents and architectural heritages.

This gorgeous home is located in the Palmeraie, which is a very exclusive neighborhood right outside of Marrakech. It also features an amazing view of the snowy High Atlas mountains to the South. An olive grove, an orange-tree orchard and a vertical garden surround the three main buildings: The main villa with four bedrooms, the secondary villa, La Tour and the Hippie Village.

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The villa features a total of eleven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, two living rooms, two kitchens, two dining rooms, a garage, a Moroccan hammam, an exercise room, a spa, and a linen room. There is also air-conditioning, a fire place, a caretaker house, a swimming pool, a tennis court, internet, and a caretaker.

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