Luxury Villa For Sale in Marrakech. Love Story Villa - Enjoy Gorgeous Rose Gardens and Ornamental Lakes.

Who ignores the story of the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the world? The Mogol Shâh Jâhan built this fantastic marble palace for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

What could be more normal than finding some similar love-inspired story in one of the most fascinating cities of Morocco? This story is the one of a couple who were enamored with Grenada's Alhambra's beauty. Bargain-hunting, they found the plans of the Andalusian architectural masterpiece in a secondhand bookshop in London.

They did not need more, or not so much more, only 1300 talented craftsmen working flat out for three full years - to create a faithful replica of the Alhambra Palace set in a 4.6 ha plot in the heart of Marrakech's palm grove - The Palmeraie.

As the years passed by and the exceptional plants in the garden matured, the palace merged into the vegetation. They became so intricate that one might think the Palace has been there for centuries. It perpetuates the richness and treasures of Moroccan craftsmanship, featuring Fez Zeliges, finely chiseled cedar wood ceilings and all patiently sculpted by hundreds of pairs of well skilled hands.

The garden was been created with the same loving care. It features a marvelous rose garden as well as palm tree paths bordering ornamental lakes and numerous marble fountains. The inspiration of these Andalusian gardens may be found in the geometrical patterns ornamenting the paths, which separate the bamboo forest, the orange garden and the cactus garden. So many different atmospheres to relax and enjoy a true masterpiece in every sense.

If you are looking for a luxury villa in Marrakech, this really is as good as it gets.

Property Features

  • 4 Master bedroom
  • 4 Suite
  • 8 Bathroom
  • 2 Living-room
  • 1 Reception room
  • 1 Dining room
  • 2 Kitchen
  • 2 Study
  • 1 Indoor swimming pool
  • 1 Hammam
  • 8 Maid's room
  • 8 Shower room / Lavatory
  • 1 Loggia
  • 1 Pool house
  • 1 Linen room


Property Style


Property Condition

Excellent condition



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Shops, Beach, Town centre, Hospital/clinic, Doctor, Station, Golf, Airport, Ski slope, Sea, Highway, Lake

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