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In the heart of the mythical Palmeraie of Marrakech, stands Palace Fantasia, a remarkable residence in a 3 hectares' lush garden. Orange trees, bougainvilleas and the famous rosebushes of Marrakech awaken all the senses of the guests and invite their spirit to escape into a magical world of scents and...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    22 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 44
  • Plot Size: 30000
    Internal Size: 3000

Villas, Marrakech and Parties - A great combination. Want to party in Marrakech? This magnificent 12 acre domaine located in the heart of the Palmeraie is home to 7 well decorated villas each with a private pool and a communal clay tennis court. All surrounded by lush vegetation with the benefit of hotel...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    37 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 85
  • Plot Size: 48000
    Internal Size: 3200

Magnificent 13 bedroom property in the heart of the mythical palmeraie of Marrakech. Villa Azyr offers an absolute comfort to its guests spread over large and lush garden and 3 properties and guest pavillion. In addition to its 13 suites, generous indoor and outdoor living areas, spa and gym, large pools...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    13 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 26
  • Plot Size: 0
    Internal Size: 0

Located in the heart of the legendary Palmeraie of Marrakech, as unusual as surprising, Villa Sabra is dedicated to contemporary art with its bold cubist / futuristic architecture where the art of hospitality, central to the Moroccan way of life, is cultivated in an avant-garde setting. Villa Sabra is unique...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    21 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 42
  • Plot Size: 10800
    Internal Size: 1900
KPPM00957: Domaine Ibtissam Luxury Villa Marrakech Morocco

Domaine Ibtissam

€ 28,000 / week

An immense property of 2 500 sq.m, with a magnificent garden of 6 hectares located 25 minutes from Marrakech. Nestled among the olive groves this unique property offers stunning panoramic views of the Atlas Mountains. The estate features a striking Corbusier-style villa with 3 bedrooms, a sumptuously...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    17 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 34
  • Plot Size: 60000
    Internal Size: 2500

At the very heart of the palm grove, this property is tastefully reminiscent of Art Deco style. Indeed, the colors of the floor marbles, the columns and the walls are a subtle range of black and white patters. The result is superb. All the volumes are generous and decorated with good taste. The ground...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    5 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 10
  • Plot Size: 12000
    Internal Size: 1200
KPPM00980: Villa Diaf Luxury Villa Marrakech Morocco

Villa Diaf

€ 24,000 / week

The property is located in a rural area 20 minutes from Marrakech. Due to its natural environment, the estate enjoys breathtaking views of the High Atlas Mountains to the South and the Jbilats to the North. The property is a little over 11 hectares of which 8 hectares are reserved only for olive groves and...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    20 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 44
  • Plot Size: 110000
    Internal Size: 0

Gorgeous villa away from sight, nestled at the end of a quiet lane of the Palmeraie of Marrakech. With stunning interior design, a central patio under a glass roof, the house features 8 suites competing with some of the most beautiful boutique hotels of the world. Villa Happy is carrying its name right. The...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    8 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 16
  • Plot Size: 10000
    Internal Size: 750
KPPM00976: Villa Izar Luxury Villa Marrakech Morocco

Villa Izar

€ 22,400 / week

Villa Izar is a superb estate of more than 4 hectares in the heart of which nestles a sumptuous contemporary and refined property of more than 2400 sq.m blending into the surrounding environment and facing the Atlas Mountains. The estate is located around 30 minutes from Marrakech city centre. Equipped with...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    16 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 32
  • Plot Size: 40000
    Internal Size: 2400
KPPM00636: Kamel Villa Luxury Villa Marrakech Morocco

Kamel Villa

€ 15,400 / week

This magnificent villa is inspired by the tradition of luxurious Marrakesh Palaces.The villa is located in a beautiful 1 hectare garden a few hundred meters from the walls of the medina in the neighbourhood of the most sought area of The Palmeraie,called the Golden Triangle. You will be greeted by an...

  • Luxury Villa - Marrakech, Morocco
    7 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 14
  • Plot Size: 10000
    Internal Size: 850