Property for Sale in Tangiers Morocco: Bravo’s Palace

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Looking for inspiration and surroundings that you will fall in love with? We have unbelievable property for sale in Tangiers Morocco, including the extraordinary abode of the famous and talented artist Claudio Bravo.

Claudio Bravo (1936-2011) was, until his death, arguably the most prestigious Chilean painter of his generation. Bravo spent the last 30 years of his life living and working in Morocco, which was to heavily influence his later work. “He was a true Renaissance man and his homes were like living museums,” Cidoncha recalls. “They resonated with a spiritual atmosphere created by the exquisite detail of every object as well as its intrinsic beauty. Each object’s placement, proportion, and interaction with other works of art was a reflection of his spatial sense and awareness of order. He was a man of taste with an intuitive eye — with years of practice, yet with an innate spontaneity.”

He was greatly influenced by Renaissance and Baroque artists, as well as Surrealist painters such as Salvador Dalí. In 1954, he had his first exhibition at “Salón 13” in Santiago at the age of 17.

He became known primarily known for his paintings of still lifes, portraits & packages, but he also produced drawings, lithographs, engraving and figurative bronze sculptures. Bravo painted many famous and well-known figures in society, including dictator Franco of Spain, President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos of the Philippines and Malcolm Forbes.

Throughout his life, Bravo also lived in Chile, New York and Spain. Bravo’s connection with the New York art scene remained strong, but he began to feel the intense vacuum of the urban surroundings disturbing his work. That, paired with the active social carousel and demands in both New York and Spain, prompted him to begin looking for a fresh environment where he could increasingly dedicate time and commitment to his art.

Not wanting to completely isolate from his friends in Madrid, Bravo decided to spend some time in Morocco close by. The reality that it was an entirely different atmosphere in almost every aspect of life (religion, culture, language, dress, etc.) intrigued him.  Bravo moved to Tangier and settled in 1972, purchasing an early 20th-century three-story mansion. He renovated and had many of the original walls removed, with the ones remaining painted white to persuade the Mediterranean light so prominent in his paintings.

Still lifes, packages and figurative paintings make up the majority of these works created in Morocco. While these all have connections to his previous work, they became infused with the warm embrace of Moroccan culture. He didn’t intend on staying in Morocco, but it was here that he found the colors and light that he had been craving and searching for. Morocco became his home, and along with his magnificent gardens and view Bravo always felt so content and at peace on the property. He felt so connected and at ease in the country he also bought a second home in Marrakech that became his winter residence, and later a third home in Taroudannt.

He never tired of his properties serenely dotted with majestic pine-trees and incredible views of the Mediterranean everywhere you look. This “must-see-it-to-believe-it” property for sale in Tangiers Morocco was the site that birthed a vast amount of Bravo’s major works of art. A colonial palace in great condition with modern amenities like air conditioning and featuring a fantastic three hectare garden, this one of a kind villa in Tangier has multiple living rooms, bedrooms, and a studio where Claudio Bravo happily graced his touch on everything.

His furniture, a muse for some paintings, and even the quaint containers with his paintbrushes remain intact. The history and energy of the property and villa vibrate like a cozy museum. Other structures are scattered throughout the property nestled in the flourishing vegetation, among them a tranquil swimming pool and another pool created to have the feel of a lake in nature. The ancient mountain, an exclusive district of Tangiers, is an idyllic surrounding and an entryway to the Mediterranean.

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