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Property For Sale In Essaouria Morocco from KensingtonMorocco.comAre you looking for property for sale in Essaouria Morocco? Here at Kensington Morocco, we have the resources and connections to set you up with a stunning property that will serve you coastal bliss for a lifetime.

This charming city on the Atlantic coast is less than three hours away from Marrakech, providing a tranquil escape all-year round. The modern name means “the little rampart,” a reference to the fortress walls that still capture and showcase part of this memorising city. The beauty of Essaouria is that it retains its old-world energy and reputation as a popular destination with no signs of being overrun by tourism, as is the case with some of the other popular cities around the world.

Known as the “Wind City of Africa,” enjoy the untouched coastline with traditional fishing harbour while enjoying the cool weather that often serves as a reprieve from the nurturing but intense African sun. The medina offers some of the best shopping in Morocco, from small handicrafts to gorgeous leather products created locally. Essaouria has been protected as a World Heritage UNESCO site. This gem is known for its hip flourishing artist scene that culminates annually in the Gnaoua Festival of World Music, held as a beacon welcoming in the Moroccan summer and consistently hospitable to the half-million spectators who come to reveal in the magic.

Our properties available in Essaouria range from majestic villas and riads to development properties that are calling for you to add your own special unique touch to make it your own. We also have plots of land in prime locations with breath-taking views available by the hectare to create your dream home in Essaouria from blue-print down to the finest personalised details.

We are the people to make your peaceful coastal lifestyle a reality. Curious about a property for sale in Essaouria Morocco? Please feel free to visit our website and fill out an enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you with a plan for any and all questions or concerns that you may have. In addition, you can chat one of our multi-lingual representatives on our landline +212 5 24 42 22 29 or reach us on our mobile +212 6 61 55 09 05 to find solutions to anything you require. Cheers to your best life yet, in a city that is transforming!