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Kensington Luxury Properties, exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate supports you during this period and wishes you the best.


Dear partners, clients & owners,

Morocco is not immune to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as a modern and brave country, decisions which are now mandatory in so many countries were taken quickly in Morocco:

– Borders closed
– Generalized confinement

These strong measures have so far been successfull – though we are aware things can evolve pretty fast – and have allowed Morocco to contain the pandemic to around 250 diagnosed cases and 6 deaths.

Of course, these drastic decisions generate a lot of constraints and inconveniences. While implementing teleworking since March 16th, Kensington Luxury Properties wishes to stay close to its partners, clients and owners, and listening to them:

Our phones and emails are working and we are ready to answer all your requests.
Monitoring the on going sale and rental files in order to assist buyers, tenants and owners in their efforts and share any essential information they may need in great transparency.
We also propose to our owners away from their properties due to border closures to help and facilitate any procedure or assistance in case of emergency. We will intervene in accordance with the travel rules on going during this health emergency. This service, graciously provided to you, will be easier to ensure from Marrakech where our team is the largest. However, we will also try our best to find a solution and assist in other cities as much as possible.
Our team will keep you posted on a regular basis of the situation in the country, as we are living it, regulatory changes and perspectives post-confinement.

But above all else, we wish you and your loved ones, good health during these troubled days.

In the coming weeks, we will communicate with you more often. To give you news, make sure you are all well, and discuss in greater detail your property if you are an owner, or your investment project if you are a buyer, in order to prepare for the next steps after this has passed and on the same page.

We will also share our achievements, our potential improvements or our new tools which will best serve your goals. And finally, we will provide you with professionalism and any information likely to impact our sector and your interests, positively or negatively, and advise you as best as possible for the future.

Stay Safe
Best regards,
Kensington Luxury Properties Team