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Is Morocco calling your name? Its not hard to see why. Morocco is a nation full of richness in colour, food, sites to see, and a melting pot of cultures from Arab, Berber, and mixed European groups like Spaniards, French and English. If you’re ready to make the exciting decision to move to Morocco then let Kensington Morocco find a luxury villa in Morocco for you!

The North African country boasts a population of over 33.8 million and and a growing expat  community. Cities like Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Fes, and Essaouira boast stunning luxury villa properties for sale or rent.

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We have an extensive portfolio of properties that will speak to every lifestyle across all of these cities. If you want to live near the Atlantic coast with a view of the ocean and a small town feel, our villas in Essaouira are ideal for you. If you love the desert and mountain side terrain, you would love Ouarzazate. If you love the buzz of old medinas but still enjoy elements of western cities then Marrakech or Fes would be your best bets.

Do you want a preview of our properties listed by city and property type? Find a luxury villa in Morocco by exploring the properties we have currently listed and have a look at the kind of homes you would like to see first hand.

If you’re ready to have our team of expert and multi-lingual real estate agents find a luxury villa in Morocco for you, let’s begin this journey! Whether you speak English, French, Arabic, German or Spanish, communication will not be a problem. You can call us on our office line +212 5 24 42 22 29, or mobile line +212 6 61 55 09 05.