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Whether you’re looking to make a permanent move to Marrakech or spend a few months at a time living here, consider buying your own apartment. This way you can have the freedom to come and go as you please. So we wanted to share with you a fantastic property for sale in Gueliz Marrakech.

Gueliz is part of the “New City” of Marrakech and features great shopping areas, different foreign restaurants, and incredible apartment buildings to rent or buy. You can find the Royal Theater, the beautiful Moroccan railroad station and the major shopping centers of Carre Eden and Menara Mall.

Conveniently our featured apartment for sale in Gueliz is actually right across from the Moroccan railroad station and the Royal Theater. It is a penthourse apartment actually that has a spectacular view up the avenue of Mohammed VI towards the Atlas Mountains. The sight is breath taking when the mountains are covered in snow in the winter.

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The penthouse features: three bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, and a terrace. The whole apartment is fully furnished in with traditional Moroccan style furniture pieces which is great if you want to the feel of a Moroccan riad but don’t want to live in the Medina and prefer an apartment floor plan.

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