7 Things To Do in Marrakech After Your Move

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7 Things To Do in Marrakech After Your Move   If you’re in the midst of planning your upcoming move, there are 7 things to do in Marrakech that you should add to your list. Keep reading to get the scoop.   Marrakech, the fourth largest city in Morrocco, It is a city rich in color, culture, and life. With an eclectic array of remarkable architecture and fascinating tradition, it’s no wonder Marrakech has become a popular destination for Europeans and … Continue reading 7 Things To Do in Marrakech After Your Move

Dazzled By Morocco’s Desert City

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Why visit? There’s a monkey tugging at my shoulder and someone’s trying to drape a snake around my neck. Morocco’s Desert City I’m beseeched by a fortune-teller and hailed by a juice stall vendor. Clouds of swirling brazier smoke envelop me amid throbbing drums and chiming cymbals. Al fresco chefs beckon cheerily from their portable kitchens and tables heaving with food and goats’ heads. Perhaps I should simply retire to my riad’s tranquil courtyard and lounge like a pasha in … Continue reading Dazzled By Morocco’s Desert City

An Insiders Guide to Marrakech

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We have put together ‘An Insiders Guide to Marrakech‘, to give you some of our favourite shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, hammams, golf courses, accountants, notaries, excursions, estate agents and chauffeur drive car rentals. SHOPS Beldi Country Club Souk La Porte d-Orient – Boulevard Mansour Eddahbi Gueliz Khalid Art Gallery Rue Dar el Bacha Galerie Dar el Bacha Galerie Birkemeyer – Rue El Beqal Gueliz Yahya – Rue Yougoslavie Gueliz Beldi – Bab Ftouh – Marrakech Medina Akbar – Gueliz Chez … Continue reading An Insiders Guide to Marrakech

Progress for Women in the Muslim World

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Morocco is showing how dramatic changes for the better can be made.   Watching the U.S. primary race unfold, offering the historic possibility of the first woman president, I have been reflecting on how dramatically women have benefitted from democratic progress in my own country, Morocco. Of course, women in Morocco, like women in all societies of the world, are still fighting for equality; and believe me, the road is long. But Morocco recognized long ago that women represent half … Continue reading Progress for Women in the Muslim World

A clutch of hens live it up in the riads of Marrakech

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On a miserable Thursday in March, a clutch of hens flew off from Luton – 10 girls in search of three days of pre-wedding hedonism in a new and exotic location. As “best girl”, I’d had the job of organising the jolly and was slightly anxious that my well laid plans could all go awry – but Ryanair wafted us to Marrakech’s Menara airport in three-and-a-bit hours, and the plane doors opened to Africa and a wall of balmy heat. … Continue reading A clutch of hens live it up in the riads of Marrakech