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Making the move to Morocco? That’s the kind of alliteration we like to hear! But where should you make the move to? Well, obviously its simple. Come to Marrakech! So what’s the first step? That one is easy for us too, contact Kensington Morocco to buy a villa in Marrakech! villa in marrakesh

At Kensington Morocco, our professional team of expert real estate agents will provide you with a large variety of luxurious, stylish villas to choose from. Finding your perfect home can take time but our team has the knowledge and expertise to make finding your dream home quick and (almost!) effortless.

Some of our most lavish villas are located in the neighborhood of the Palmeraie, also known as the Bevely Hills of Marrakech. This area is known for its amazing homes and creme of the crop residents that value luxury and privacy. You can be one of these elite residents if you so choose! property for sale marrakech

Also, if you enjoy being a little more removed from the city so you can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, we have beautiful luxury villa properties on the different roads outside of the Red City. We have properties on the road to Ouarzazate, Ourika, and Casablanca.

To buy villa in Marrakech, simply call on either line at  +212 5 24 42 22 29 (landline) or  +212 6 61 55 09 05 (mobile line). Our representatives are looking forward to hearing from you to assist you on your journey towards living in the fabulous city of Marrakech. You can also see a list of our current luxury properties for sale by clicking here. villa in marrakesh luxury villa for sale marrakech 

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