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Kensington Luxury Properties team

Marc LEON, associate partner and founder of Kensington Luxury Properties, since 2010. Real pillar of the agency, Marc, a great professional and expert in exclusive real estate transactions in Morocco and abroad will know how to support you in your investment projects, even the most complex.
Languages : French, English, Spanish, German
+212 661 550 905


Kensington Luxury Properties team

Alex PETO, associate partner at Kensington Luxury Properties, joined Marc Léon in 2014 in Morocco. With his experience at Aylesford International in London for over twenty years, Alex accompanies all our English-speaking clients, partners and owners with enthusiasm and great professionalism.
Languages : English Kensington Luxury Properties team
+212 676 887 376


Kensington Luxury Properties team

Dounya CHAOUKI, short and long term rental manager, joined us in 2019 but already has several years of experience in this field. She supports our clients in their holiday, event or relocation projects in Morocco and ensures that owners and tenants have all the details to ensure a smooth stay.
Languages : Arabic, English, French Kensington Luxury Properties team
+212 700 060 481


Kenza TAJ, project manager, joined in March 2020. Despite the context, she successfully adapts and supports the back office team as well as our clients. With a versatile professional experience in different sectors, including communication, she immediately took her marks and knew how to be proactive.
Languages : French, English, Arabic
+212 700 060 482


Saïda EL MOUTTACIL has been with the agency since 2015. She manages the agency’s daily life, ensures that everything is in order and maintains diligent monitoring of all files. Versatile and responsive, she also takes care of a part of our Arabic-speaking clientele. Kensington Luxury Properties team
Languages : Arabic, French, English
+212 700 060 480


Kensington Luxury Properties teamAdil EL MOHSINE joined Kensington Luxury Properties in 2017.
He is the agency’s photographer and takes professional visuals and videos of the properties for sale and for rent which we feature online when needed. A real asset for our owners, it is a service that we offer at no cost.
Languages : Arabic, French Kensington Luxury Properties team
+212 524 422 229


Kensington Luxury Properties team Kensington Luxury Properties team has created over the years a strong and serious network of representatives and partners in many regions of Morocco, especially in Tangier, Casablanca, Rabat and Essaouira. If you need a support on the ground, do not hesitate to contact us and we will connect you directly with one of our expert and  professional partner on the ground. Kensington Luxury Properties team